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Technology partnership

As you push technical boundaries in fields like fuel economy, performance and reliability, a technology partnership with Shell can help you achieve your goals. We can work hand in hand with your teams to apply our market-leading lubricant expertise to your technology challenges.

The Shell Group invests nearly $1.3 billion in technology each year. We have world-class R&D centres situated in: North America, Japan, Germany, UK. We have more experts, talking to more customers, than any other lubricants, with over 200 Shell scientists and engineers dedicated to lubricants R&D and over 350 lubrication specialists working in the field.

Working with Daimler we developed Shell Rimula R6 LME, delivering the triple benefits of low emissions, maintenance savings and fuel economy of up to 2%*. By moving beyond the standard specifications, Shell has demonstrated an improvement of up to 6.5% fuel economy using an innovative concept lubricant.

Global reliability

Shell’s global reach gives you a secure supply of consistent, quality-assured products to your plants and dealerships around the world. So you can rely on getting access to the high-quality lubricants your vehicles need, wherever they are.

We have leading positions in both mature and growth markets. For example, in USA we are the number one lubricants supplier and in China the leading international supplier.

Maximising aftermarket value

Working with Shell, you can generate ongoing value from your customer relationships through effective oil programmes. We offer extensive dealership support to help you capitalise on Shell’s status as a globally-recognised consumer brand with a reputation for quality and performance.

Whether your dealership needs are customer retention, attraction, satisfaction or the need to increase profitability, Shell can create a bespoke oil programme and manage the implementation all the way through to the dealership.

Auto and truck dealers

*Compared to a typical 10W-40 oil